Alex Sim-Wise (born November 11, 1982) is a U.K. model, magician, writer, and internet TV presenter.

Alex was raised in Coventry, attended the University of East Anglia, and graduated in 2004 with a 2:1 degree in Film and American Studies.[1].

In 2003 she created a short magic show for a student talent contest under the title Sim Sala Bin!, which featured a bikini-clad Sim-Wise performing sleight of hand and small scale illusions. Photographs of her routine led to her being entered in the FHM 'Student of the Year' competition in 2004, which she won.

Following this success, Sim-Wise started modeling professionally, as well as performing her magic act. She won the Sun's Sexy Entertainer award in 2005, and became Playboy UK's Cyber Girl of the Year in 2006. Around this time she also made a number of appearances as a Page 3 Girl for the Daily Star, making her debut in August 2005. In 2006 she won the 'Cover Girl' competition for the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper.

In August 2006 Front magazine featured a photo shoot in which a bikini-clad Sim-Wise performed a magic routine with a nude Sophie Howard as her assistant. Howard was levitated, had swords pushed into her head, and was cut into three pieces. The shoot was so popular that Sim-Wise was asked to do another for the November issue, this time Halloween themed. She was assisted by fetish model and Front regular Vanessa Upton, who was beheaded with a guillotine, impaled on a sword, and sawed in half with a buzz saw. The shoot ended with Upton taking revenge by hypnotising, stripping, and setting fire to Sim-Wise.

From March 2007 onwards Sim-Wise had a regular column in Front. In May 2007 she was sent to the United States to interview magician Criss Angel, who performed two illusions with Sim-Wise for a video for the Front website: producing Sim-Wise from an apparently empty sack, and putting her into a wooden crate which was then fed into a wood chipper (recreating a stunt Angel performed on his Mindfreak TV show.

In 2007 Sim-Wise recorded an exclusive video for CandyCrib where she gave rare glimpses into her personal and private life. In it she revealed her favourite TV show is Miami Ink, she likes drinking Sambuca, she eats porridge for breakfast and has a crush on the film character Napoleon Dynamite.[2]

Her popular MySpace page attracts more than 1000 hits a day and she is currently their official argonaut and celebrity interviewer.[3]

Television and Film WorkEdit

Alex was featured in a 2007 ITV2 documentary called Generation Xcess, which followed a group of models on various nights out in the West End. In coverage for the show she was quoted as saying that the model party lifestyle wasn't really her scene and that she was "more of a rock chick that went to gigs".[4]

Alex appeared regularly on Nuts TV, and in early 2008 had two shows on Sumo TV, 'In Bed With Sim-Wise', which started on March 7 and consisted of strange video clips and random happenings, and 'Alex's Magic Slot', which featured her performing magic and chatting to guests.

She also appeared in music videos for Matt Willis, Uniting Nations, Sham 69, and Ministry of Sound.

More recently she appears as one of the talking heads on Fiver (channel)'s Generation Sex, and as a tutor on Celebrity Magic.

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