Cherry Healey (Cherry Kathleen Chadwyck-Healey, b. 1980) is a British television presenter, frequently featuring in self-titled documentaries on BBC Three.


Healey was born on 5 December 1980 and is descended from Chadwyck-Healey Baronets; her father Nicholas is a son of the 4th Baronet. She attended Cheltenham Ladies' College until 2000.[1]. She has a Degree in Drama Education / Drama for Social Change from Central School of Speech and Drama.

Best known for her work with light-hearted documentaries on BBC Three, including studies on drinking, childbirth, body issues, dating, and money,[2] she frequently relates documentaries to her own life both during the programmes and on her blog on the BBC website.[3]

Healey has a daughter Coco (b. September 2009), and married partner Rory Allen in June 2010.[4]


  • Cherry Healey: Like A Virgin (2012)
  • Cherry's Parenting Dilemmas (2011)
  • Cherry's Body Dilemmas (2011)
  • Cherry's Cash Dilemmas (2011)
  • Cherry Healey: Magician's Assistant (2011)
  • Is Breast Best? Cherry Healey Investigates (2011)
  • Cherry Gets Married (2010)
  • Cherry Goes Drinking (2010)
  • Cherry Gets Pierced (2010)
  • Cherry Goes Dating (2010)
  • Cherry Has A Baby (2010)


  • She once worked as a backing dancer for rapper Ice-T.
  • She played Lacrosse at county level while at school.
  • Although she continues to use Cherry Healey as her professional name following her marriage, she prefers to be known by her married name of Cherry Allen in private.


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