Desperate But Not Serious is a 1999 movie directed by Bill Fishman. It was released in the USA under the title Reckless + Wild.

Out-of-towner Lily (Taylor) arrives in Los Angeles to attend a wedding reception with the man of her dreams, Jonathan (Corbett). Aided by party-girl Frances (Brewster), they embark on a night of adventure after the wedding invitation is lost. Their wild romp through the streets of Hollywood in search of the reception, takes them to club after club - including the trendy "Vapor" Room and even into the home of famous actor Darby Tipp. After being thrown out of parties, terrorized by a psycho bartender, and chased by police it seems Lily will never find her man - or will she?



  • Christine Taylor ... Lili
  • Paget Brewster ... Frances
  • Claudia Schiffer ... Gigi
  • John Corbett ... Jonathan
  • Max Perlich ... Todd
  • Joseph Lawrence ... Darby (as Joey Lawrence)
  • Toledo Diamond ... Himself (as Toledo)
  • Bill Cusack ... Trendy Guy
  • Cu Ba Nguyen ... Cambodian Waiter
  • Wendie Jo Sperber ... Landlady
  • Brent Bolthouse ... Steve
  • Patton Oswalt ... Auteur #1
  • Brian Posehn ... Auteur #2
  • Stacy Sanches ... Shauna
  • Patti Tippo ... Development Woman
  • John Fleck ... Landon Liebowitz
  • Judy Greer ... Molly
  • Conrad Goode ... Security Guard
  • Zach Tiegan ... Justin
  • Henry Rollins ... Bartender
  • Zander Schloss ... Guy #1
  • Gill Gayle ... Guy #2
  • Sahara Lotti ... Bridesmaid
  • Jennie J. ... Tattooed Bridesmaid
  • Herta Ware ... Grammy
  • Dalton Grant ... Bouncer
  • Chris Hogan ... Cashier
  • Richard Edson ... Screenwriter
  • Nicholas Sadler ... Jonathan Gold
  • Matthew Porretta ... Gene
  • Michael Rivkin ... Stoner Dude
  • Ned Bellamy ... Pink Dot Man
  • Rodney Lee Conover ... Bouncer #2
  • Sara Melson ... Patrice
  • Duffy Taylor ... Jimmy
  • Agnieszka Musiala ... Stacy
  • David Michaels ... Drag Queen
  • Jay Johnston ... Mustachioed Cop
  • Cynthia Ettinger ... Ticket Agent


Claudia Schiffer sang all of the songs performed by her character herself.

Having already had her earlobes pierced shortly beforehand especially for her part in Black & White, Claudia Schiffer had the cartilage in both ears pierced multiple times for her part in this movie. She also had her nose and belly button pierced especially for this movie. Following the end of filming, she removed all of the piercings (including her earlobes) and allowed them to close up again.

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