First aired in May 1997.

The show used illusions and routines from Melinda's Las Vegas show, and was produced in two versions: a shorter version for network television, and a longer version for VHS release.

Illusions performed included:

  • Appearance of Melinda in a clear box
  • Production of a motorcycle
  • Disappearance of Melinda on her motorcycle
  • Appearance of Melinda in a greek temple
  • Disappearance of Melinda and her winged horse
  • Suspension of Melinda's assistant on a sword
  • Impalement of Melinda on a sword
  • Zig Zag of Melinda's male assistant
  • Melinda in the Mismade Girl
  • Double Sawing of two female assistants
  • Levitation and vanish of Melinda
  • Melinda shot from a cannon into a crate
  • Melinda's head cut off in the guillotine
  • A plane produced on stage
  • Melinda turns a female assistant into a man, and back again
  • Melinda is chained into a frame, and a motorcycle is ridden throughridd
  • A race car vanishes
  • The drill of death

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