The Great Magic of Las Vegas was a series compilation shows, composed of clips from different magic shows. It was filmed in Las Vegas, Reno, Branson, and Brisbane, Australia.

There were fourteen episodes.

The magicians featuring in the series included:

  • Darren Beachen 
  • Joyce Beck 
  • Arian Black 
  • David Blaine 
  • Bruce Block 
  • Bob Borgia 
  • Connie Boyd 
  • James Brandon 
  • Christopher Broughton
  • Lance Burton 
  • Brad Byers
  • Brett Daniels 
  • Craig Dickens
  • Dean Dill
  • Greg Frewin
  • Joseph Gabriel 
  • Dean Gunnerson 
  • Franz Harary
  • Jeff Hobson
  • Kevin James 
  • Majestix
  • Mark Kalin and Jinger
  • Tina Lenert 
  • Sherry Lucas 
  • Loren Michaels 
  • Mike Michaels 
  • Cynder Moon
  • Martin Nash
  • Tom Ogden 
  • Charlotte Pendragon
  • Jonathon Pendragon
  • Melinda Saxe
  • Siegfried and Roy
  • Showgirls of Magic
  • Val Valentino
  • Victoria Wayne
  • Steve Wheeler
  • Rebekah Yen 

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