The Magic Comedy Strip was a British TV magic show that aired in 1991 and 1992. In total, 16 episodes were aired across two seasons.


The show featured a mix of resident (David Williamson, Ruby Cody, and The Pendragons) and guest performers. They were joined by comedians, special guests, and watched by a studio audience.

The show generally opened with The Pendragons, or a guest illusionist, presenting a grand illusion, followed by a short comedy set. After the first commercial break, a guest magician would perform, followed by another comedian. After the second commecial break, the special guest would participate in a skit with a magician, and then the show would close with a grand illusions from The Pendragons.

Season OneEdit

  • 11 September 1991
  • 18 September 1991
  • 25 September 1991
  • 2 October 1991
  • 9 October 1991
  • 16 October 1991
  • 23 October 1991
  • 30 October 1991

Season TwoEdit

  • 17 February 1992
  • 24 February 1992
  • 2 March 1992
  • 9 March 1992
  • 16 March 1992
  • 23 March 1992
  • 30 March 1992
  • 6 April 1992


The show often featured Joe Pasquale, some of his earliest TV work.

Season One had only the second UK performance of Franz Harary's Slicer (the first had been on A Kind of Magic earlier the same year).

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