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World's Greatest Magic was an American television special showcasing magic acts, which originally aired on in November, 1994, on NBC. It was hosted by Robert Urich.

Princess Tenko - Water Torture CellEdit

Princess Tenko appears from an empty box, and escapes chains and a water-filled tank.

The Pendragons - MetamorphosisEdit

The Pendragons present their signature illusion.

Max Maven - MentalismEdit

Max Maven reads the minds of the audience at home.

Greg Frewin - A Colorful Dove ActEdit

Greg Frewin amazes with his dove production routine.

Franz Harary and Charlotte Pendragon - SlicerEdit

Franz Harary slices Charlotte Pendragon into nine pieces.

Fielding West - Comedy LevitationEdit

Fielding West tries to levitate someone.

Lance Burton - World Class MagicEdit

Lance Burton performs his world-renowed act.

Mac King - Comedy TricksEdit

Mac King roams the casinos of Las Vegas, showing off his close up skills.

Melinda, Beverly Johnson, and Charlotte Pendragon - Sawing a woman in halfEdit

Melinda teaches Beverly Johnson how to saw a woman in half: Charlotte

Topas - Sunglasses and BellsEdit

Topas performs his signature production routine

Tom Mullica - Cigarette EatingEdit

Tom Mullica's bizarre diet astounds the audience.

Brett Daniels - Appearing Levitating WomanEdit

A beautiful woman appears, floats, and disappears before your eyes.

Melinda - Zombie BallEdit

Melinda makes a silver ball float across the stage.

Bill Malone - Sam The BellhopEdit

Bill Malone shows us this classic card trick.

Alain Choquette - Torn and Restored ThreadEdit

Close up magic of the most precise kind.

Franz Harary - Disappearing Space Shuttle ExplorerEdit

The Space Shuttle disappears!

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