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World's Greatest Magic II was an American television special showcasing magic acts, which originally aired on November 22nd, 1994, on NBC. It was hosted by Alan Thicke

Dirk Arthur - Helicopter AppearanceEdit

Dirk makes a helicopter appear on stage.

Jason Byrne - Fun with BirdsEdit

Jason Byrne produces a stream of birds from nowhere, then produces his lovely assistant.


Pool-side at Ceaser's Palace, Susan Anton is joined by Melinda. Wearing a white swimsuit, Melinda has Susan fix a collar around her neck, and slide a sword through it.

Mark Kalin & Jinger - TransfigurationEdit

Jinger's translucent black bodysuit is the perfect match for the diamond studded collar Mark secures around her throat. Leading her to a clear sided box, he plases her inside, briefly covers it, then reveals she has been transormed into a panther, still wearing the collar.

Jeff Hobson - Comedy Egg BagEdit

Jeff Hobson shows an old comedy classic.

Brett Daniels - Marilyn Monroe appears and disappearsEdit

Mac King Teach-a-TrickEdit

Jeff McBride - Mask's, Myths and ManipulationsEdit

Amazing Jonathan - Crazy ComedyEdit

Aayla & Lillia - Fun with FireEdit

Rick Thomas - LevitationEdit

Rene Leveland - "It Can't Be Done Any Slower"Edit

Max Maven - Interactive MagicEdit

Luis DeMatos - Rubberbands and MirrorsEdit

Mac King Teach-a-TrickEdit

Melinda - Drill of DeathEdit

Penn and Teller - The Magic Bullet CatchEdit

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