World's Greatest Magic III was an American television special showcasing magic acts, which originally aired on November 27, 1996, on NBC. It was hosted by John Ritter.

Brett Daniels - Ferrari AppearanceEdit

Brett Daniels makes a Ferrari appear in the middle of an empty stage.

Hans & Sittah - Dekolta Chair and BoxEdit

Hans Klok makes his lovely assistant Sittah disappear from a chair on a raised platform, then makes her reappear inside an empty box across the stage.

Mac King - Teach-A-Trick: The Four JacksEdit

Mac King teaches Rita Rudner to perform a classic card trick, The Four Jacks.

Joseph Gabriel - The Mistake of RighteousnessEdit

Josephn Gabriel performs a routine in which his lovely assistant is shackled hand and foot, placed in a box that is raised over the stage, and then disappears in the blink of an eye.

Michael Finney - Card on ForeheadEdit

Michael Finney demonstrates how to do a card trick with giant playing cards.

Galina - Sensual MagicEdit

Russian magician Galina performed a sensual stage routine involving a floating ball. There was much speculation that she was actually Charlotte Pendragon in disguise.

Mac King - Teach-A-Trick: Indestructible StringEdit

Mac King shows Rita Rudner a new trick, Indestructible String. They introduce the lovely Sittah, dressed in a black catsuit, and have her lay in a box, her head and feet protruding from either end. Then they lay a string along her body. Mac and Rita then saw through the box, and through Sittah, only to find the string is untouched!

Nathan Burton - Comedy MagicEdit

Nathan Burton performs his stage routine, including making an assistant disappear into a toilet!

Guy Hollingworth - Close-upEdit

Guy HollingworthEdit

Guy Hollingworth has assembled an audience consisting largely of beautiful audience members in low-cut dresses to watch his close-up magic.

The Furball Rocky - with his favorite magician David WilliamsonEdit

David Williamson has a racoon puppet.

Mac King - Teach-A-Trick: Torn & Restored CardEdit

Mac King shows Rita Rudner how to tear a card into pieces, then magically restore it.

Greg Frewin - Twister (Double Trouble)Edit

Canadian Magician Greg Frewin and his wife climb into a giant double version of the Twister.

Steve Wyrick - RPLAEdit

Steve Wyrick makes an airplane appear live on stage.

Jean Piere Valerino - Close-upEdit

Jean Pierre performs close-up.

Dirk Arthur - Sleight of TigerEdit

Dirk Arthur makes a tiger appear in a cage, then disappear, and reappear in a box.

Mac King - Teach-A-Trick: Disappearing QuarterEdit

Mac King makes a coin disappear.

Bob Arno - Pickpocket entertainmentEdit

Bob Arno picks the pockets of the audience.

Brett Daniels - Cutting a woman in halfEdit

Brett Daniels performs a version of Sawing a woman in half in which his assistant is divided in two, then the boxes covering her body are removed to show the audience everything.

David Williamson - Cups and Balls with a bunch of fruit and showgirls.Edit

David Williamson assembles an audience of nearly-naked showgirls to watch him make fruit disappear.

Mac King - Teach-A-Trick: Reversed CardEdit

Mac King still hasn't found a trick Rita Rudner can do.

Hans & Sittah - BeheadedEdit

Hans locks Sittah into a small box, with her head protruding, then uses a huge metal blade to cut it off. Sliding it around, he demonstrates that she's been beheaded.

Hans Klok Sittah Beheaded World's Greatest Magic02:22

Hans Klok Sittah Beheaded World's Greatest Magic

Peter Marvey - ManipulationEdit

Peter Marvey performs his stage routine.

The Pendragon's - Showgirl VanishEdit

A large, multi-tiered platform has been assembled on stage. At the very top is Charlotte Pendragon, wearing a very brief one piece bikini. The rest of the platform is then filled with showgirls. Audience members are invited on stage for a closer look. A curtain is raised, and Charlotte and the showgirls all vanish in the blink of an eye, only to reappear at the back of the theatre.

The Pendragons-vanishing showgirl03:49

The Pendragons-vanishing showgirl

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