The World's Greatest Magic IV was a American television special showcasing magic acts, which originally aired on in November 26, 1997, on NBC. It was hosted by John Ritter.

Lance Burton - Introducing the Jaws of DeathEdit

Lance Burton crushes and shreds an aluminum can in his bare hands. Then he introduces the major illusion of the show: the Jaws of Death

Ayala and Lilia — Double Buzz SawEdit

Ayala locks Lilia into a pyramid like contraption, with ith two spinning buzz saws aimed at it. When ropes tied to the saws burn through, the saws are released and penetrate the pyramid and Lilia.

Jonathan David Bass — Production RoutineEdit

Jonathan makes birds appear and disappear. For his finish he makes a rather large snake appear, then transforms it into a woman in a snakeskin swimsuit.

Tabaray — Fun with a RopeEdit

Mind boggling rope work.

Juliana Chen — Masks & ManipulationEdit

Juliana Chen performs some card manipulations as well as a few instant mask changes.

Teach-a-Trick — Floating QuarterEdit

Poolside, Mac King is joined by Baywatch star Tracy Bingham to teach you how to make a quarter disappear.

Lance Burton — LevitationEdit

Lance Burton takes the floating quarter to the next level: levitating Tracy into the air.

Kirby Van Birch — Magic BoxEdit

Kirby Van Birch makes two assistants appear in an empty tube, changes their costumes to leopard skin swimsuits, and then changing them into a leopard inside a box above the stage.

Ken Mate — Insurance PolicyEdit

Ken Mate makes sure he is prepared for that magic card trick disaster. He has insurance to cover the accident.

Tim Kole & Jenny-Lynn — Head MoverEdit

Tim Kole cuts off his assistants head, Jenny-Lynn, and plays with it.

Max Maven — Interactive MagicEdit

You need to have a piece of paper and something to write with to participate in this interactive impossiblity.

Lennart Green — Miracles with a Deck of CardsEdit

Lennart Green performs some very incredible miracles with just a single deck of cards.

Rick Thomas — OsmosisEdit

Rick Thomas has an assistant disappear as she passes through his body.

Mac King — Teach-a-TrickEdit

Back beside the pool, Mac King shows showgirl of the year, Aki, a little birdie trick.

The Hamners — Exotic BirdsEdit

The Hamners do some incredible work with large exotic birds, and for a finale make Aki appear in a feathered costume.

Kirby Van Birch — HelicopterEdit

Kirby Van Birch is back again. This time he makes a helicopter appear on an elevated platform.

Mac King — Teach-a-TrickEdit

Paula Tricky from One Tree Hill joins Mac by the pool to learn how to make a butter knife appear in a dinner roll.

Sherry Lukas — OrigamiEdit

Sherry Lukas places Paula Trickey into a small box, folds it down to a tiny size, and drives swords into it.

Dexion — Reality of IllusionEdit

Dexion shows that an illusion can warp your sense of reality as he bends a metal pole with his neck. He then sticks a metal knife like device right through the same spot.

Raymond Crow — 8-Ball TangoEdit

Raymond Crow does magnificent manipulation with billiard balls.

Max Maven — Interactive MagicEdit

You need four playing cards, one of each suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades) to take part.

Carl Cloutier — Card LocatorEdit

Can Carl Cloutier find four cards selected by audience members? Of Course, He's a magician! But the way he finds them will blow you away

Sherry Lukas — InterludeEdit

Sherry Lukas has an assistant crawl right through her body.

Lance Burton — Jaws of DeathEdit

Master Magician Lance Burton puts his assistant's life on the line: she is shackled, put in a mail bag in the back of a retired police car, and then the car is put through a junk yard crusher. Lance makes the beautiful young woman reappear in a metal drum that was in full view through out..

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