The World's Greatest Magic V was an American TV special that first aired on November 25, 1998. It was hosted by John Ritter.

John GabrielEdit

John shows a wireframe model of a human body. In full view of the audience, it is transformed into a beautiful woman: Playboy's Playmate of the Year, Heather Kozar.

Magic Unlimited — Modern ArtEdit

Oscar and Renzo, sons of famous Dutch magician Hans Kazan, take a new approach to a classic magic act, sawing Oscar's girl-friend Mara in half in Modern Art.

Show Review: World's Greatest Magic IEdit

A compilation of clips from the first WGM special: Princess Tenko escapes from the water torture cell; Franz Harary slices Charlotte Pendragon into nine pieces; Greg Frewin presents his dove act; Brett Daniels makes a levitating woman appear; Franz Harary makes the Space Shuttle Explorer — and its crew, Charlotte Pendragon and Melinda Saxe — vanish.

Hans Klok — WindshearEdit

Hans puts his assistant, Zarina Potapova, through the sharpened blades of an industrial fan.

Harry Anderson — Making MoneyEdit

Harry is joined by one of the Masked Magician's lovely assistants. He locks her in a cage and turns her into a tiger, then explains who really gets hurt by exposing magic secrets.

Mike Caveny — Comedy Magic Edit

Comedy Magic in an odd chicken-like form with Mike, Mike, and "Mike"

Teach-a-Trick — Carrot in HalfEdit

In the gym, Mac King shows Tsianina Joelson, Miss Fitness America, how to cut a carrot in half with a dollar bill.

Hans Klok — Shadow VisionEdit

Hans and Karina slice Tsianina Joelson, Miss Fitness America, into three pieces.

Dimarre — Dove ActEdit

An exciting Dove Act that takes a different aproach to the word classic.

Michael Ammar — Cups and BallsEdit

A World Class Cups & Balls routine that will leave you guessing

The Majestics — Through SteelEdit

Stacey passes through a solid piece of steel.

Show Review: World's Greatest Magic IIEdit

A compilation of clips from the second WGM special: Melinda Saxe is impaled by Susan Anton; Mark Kalin turns Jinger Leigh into a panther; Jeff McBride presents his mask routine; Dirk Arthur makes a helicopter appear; Melinda Saxe faces the drill of death.

Phelston Jones — Fire ActEdit

A bizarre and impressive act centered around the theme of fire.

The Evasons — MentalismEdit

ESP that will make you stop to think and forget to start again.

John Gabriel — AsrahEdit

Heather Kozar appeared at the start of the show. Now Joseph levitates her into the air, and makes her vanish in a flash of light.

Teach-a-Trick - Mac KingEdit

Mac shows Mae Whitman, of Hope Floats and One Fine Day, how to slice a banana before opening it.

Jim Passe — Paradox SphereEdit

Jim twists the upper half of a woman in a complete circle then detaches it from the lower portion. He is nice enough to put her back together when finished.

Michael Ammar - Card SharpEdit

Why is Michael is not allowed in a Casino? The casino security watching him with this deck of cards could tell you.

Show Review: World's Greatest Magic IIIEdit

A compilation of clips from the third WGM special: Brett Daniels makes a Ferrari appear; Dirk Arthur makes a tiger disappear; Galina makes a ball float; Hans Klok cuts off the head of his former assistant, Sittah; Steve Wyrick makes a plane appear; and Charlotte Pendragon is handcuffed in full view only to disappear with 50 showgirls.

The Majestics - Elastic WomanEdit

Stacey is placed into a lifesize version of those annoying little puzzles you had as a kid.

Peter Gossamer & Haley Taylor - MismadeEdit

Peter Gossamer presents his unique version of the mismade girl.

Teach-a-Trick - Fork to KnifeEdit

Mac King with Nicole Sullivan from MAD TV teach you how to turn a fork into knife.

Touch the Masked MagicianEdit

So who is the masked magician? Even after doing this interactive trick you'll still wonder who Valentino - Lenny Montano - The Masked Magician (or whatever he wants to call himself) really is.

Goldfinger and DoveEdit

A fast paced game of three card monte that will keep you guessing

Show Review: World's Greatest Magic IVEdit

A compilation of clips from the third WGM special: Tim Kole cuts off his assistants head, Jenny-Lynn, and plays with it; Lance Burton levitates Baywatch star Tracy Bingham poolside; Kirby Van Birch turns two assistants into a leopard inside a box above the stage;  Lance Burton puts his assistant's life on the line: she is shackled, put in a mail bag in the back of a retired police car, and then the car is put through a junk yard crusher.

Brett Daniels — TeleporterEdit

Brett Daniels shackles Kelly Packard of Baywatch inside a small box on a ledge on the edge of the Grand Canyon. He then teleports her to a rock formation in the center over a quarter mile away.

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